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Other services

Therapeutic Pedicure - Manicure


Color - Acupuncture

Color light acupuncture is an alternative healing practice based on the principles and philosophy of acupuncture and chromotherapy. It activates certain energy points, not with the application of needle or finger pressure, but with the use of colored light.

By sending colored light to specific acupuncture points – meridians, known since antiquity- we energize and balance our energy chakras and strengthen our aura. Color-acupuncture affects the human psyche, directly reacts with the nervous system, and heals the biological body. It can be applied in conjunction with other therapeutic methods giving very good results.

Kinesiology test for food supplements and herbs

With kinesiology we can balance the body systems and biochemical processes affected by stress so that they can start absorbing all that they need again. In addition, we can test to see which supplements are mostly needed by your body.

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